Bring Work Back to Rural Communities

Generally, you hear about people wanting to escape the mundane aspect of rural life and move to the big city. However, studies are showing that more people are doing the exact opposite. With new innovations coming to rural communities more people are choosing to stay or move towards them.

This is the mission of a company called Rural On Purpose. They empower people that made the conscious choice to live in rural communities through the positive message of optimism and a commitment to strengthen our communities through the development of our Entrepreneurial Culture.

To get a better understanding, watch this quick video! 


With new technology and company’s such as Rural on Purpose, it is possible for people to stay in or move back to rural communities. One way they’re doing this is through PILOTS.

The Rural on Purpose PILOTS are collaboration projects with rural communities worldwide fuelling entrepreneurial ambition by fostering an environment where people have ideas and act on them.

How The PlatForum is getting involved.

Our mission is to empower every person toward autonomy and entrepreneurship, by creating a new infrastructure of trust, and community connection. When we found Rural on Purpose we knew our visions aligned. We are working with them to bring a pilot to Fayette County, a small rural town in Texas.

Look out for Coworking Takeover Week. Find updates and keep up with the movement by following us @coworkfayettecounty. See other communities that have participated by searching #CWtakeover





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