Why Hire Freelance Marketers?

Time is a business owner’s most precious resource, so I’ll get right to the point. Freelance marketing is the answer for a lot of small business problems.


Why should you hire freelance professionals to do your marketing?

Because you’re busy satisfying paying clients, and employees can be costly and time consuming. Plus, they’re probably better at it than you are.

Need more details about why you should hire freelancer marketers? Keep reading.

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Of all the time commitments business owners face, finding the proper balance between getting new clients and serving the ones you have is the hardest.

You can’t grow your business without marketing yourself, but the time you spend doing it amounts to unpaid work. It’s time you would otherwise be completing projects for clients and making money.

Employees should help you do more of the things that make you money. Instead, full-time employees often require more time and attention from business owners, in addition to increasing costs.

That’s why freelancers are the answer to a lot of problems business owners face. Not only do they free up your time to focus on what your clients need, they’re also more affordable than regular employees.


Freelancers are typically paid by the hour or on a per-project basis, so their costs reflect the amount of work they do for you. This is important because most companies don’t have the kind of marketing needs to justify a dedicated, full-time employee.

Additionally, a freelancer’s rates are often lower than the cost of hiring a marketing agency for a variety of reasons. Agencies have higher overhead costs and offer a team of experts. Freelancers are often multi-skilled talents, but they can also give you the basic things you need without all the extras.

One of the best reasons to hire a freelancer is because they are a “try before you buy” opportunity.

Employees cost time and money to find, interview, and train before you get a chance to see if your investment will pay off. Freelance professionals can be hired in a moment’s notice.

You tell them what you want, and they turn around a product in the desired amount of time at a cost-effective rate. If their work product is exceptional or even just acceptable, you can continue your working relationship. If not, you can terminate it and move on to the next one.

Depending on the needs of your project, you can also hire freelancers from anywhere to work remotely. You’re not limited to the talent pool in your local area.

As an added bonus, freelance employees are sympathetic to your cause. Freelancers are small businessmen and businesswomen, too, so believe it or not, they’re facing the same issues you are.

Satisfying the people who hired them and spending time to finding new work, all while figuring out what to charge for their product, are what freelancers do on a daily basis. Just like you!


How Do I Hire a Freelance Marketing Professional?

Where can you find freelance talent? The Internet, of course! The best way to find freelance talent is to use the ‘gig economy,’ where you post a task on a website and a freelancer completes it for a predetermined rate. The Platforum is one of the most versatile outlets for this kind of transaction.

Typically, gig economy sites feature one-off projects. Someone performs whatever task you need – writing your bio or designing your website, you pay them, and you both move on.

That’s great for some employers, but others need a more enduring relationship, such as monitoring a social media feed, or writing multiple articles.

The Platforum lets you post all different types of tasks, from one-off jobs to recurring tasks. This allows both employers and freelancers to find gigs that fit their schedules and their budgets all in one place.

Sure, you could advertise on any of the major job search boards like Indeed.com or Monster.com. Then you could wade through the applicants, interview them, review their portfolios, and a month or two later finally decide that one meets yours needs. They may even stick around for more projects after they finish the first one.

The Platforum is fast and easy. You post the tasks you need done, specify your pay range and the details of the job, and sit back as the freelance professionals come to you. Once they accept the job, your new marketing program is off and running.

Maximize your time and money by using freelance marketing to bring client to you. Your clients will appreciate your increased attentiveness and your business will thrive.