Meet our Founders

Brandon and Britney Schielack are an unstoppable husband and wife duo that are taking the gig economy to the next level. With a background in real estate and entrepreneurship, they’re using their expertise to launch The PlatForum.

The PlatForum mission.

To connect local, regional and national businesses to everyday people, including college students, for “gig work”.

What is gig work?

This offers project-based work to individuals who are looking to gain experience in a certain field. It is currently one of the fastest growing technology verticals. “We started hiring students for gig work about 6 years ago. In 2016 we had about 120 students work within our companies doing task-based work”, said Brandon Schielack.


Although The PlatForum beta version officially launched January 1, 2018, the idea has been in the works for over two years. “At the rate the company has grown in the past two years, this problem will be quickly resolved. Since their initial startup in 2016, the Schielack’s have seen a 700% increase in net growth.”

Food for thought.

“The PlatForum isn’t a company.  It’s a culture, a way of life, it’s a movement.  It’s a movement to bring back communities to our lives.  A movement for a village to raise a child.  It’s a movement to put a value on your skills.  It’s a movement to associate a purpose for every kid, every mentor, every community.  I don’t know if we can fix our adults, but we sure the heck can fix the kids.”

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