How To: Prepare For Your First Job After College

College can come with an intense amount of pressure and the daunting prospect of finding your first job doesn’t help. Whether you are a freshman in your first semester of college or a senior in your last semester, there is always something you can do to increase your chance of landing a job straight out of college.

Here are just some of them:

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Start Early
It is never too early to gain experience. I know what you’re thinking… I need to focus on school or there’s no extra time to work 40+ hours a week. Well, that’s why The PlatForum is trying to make this goal more reachable! By joining our movement you can work from any location, anytime, no matter how much or how little time you have. We want to bridge the gap of unemployment for people right out of college.

Create Your Own Content
Studies show that a vast majority of students don’t recognize blogging for what it is: a way to stand out to potential employers. It doesn’t matter what you blog about– just blog. Employers can click on your content and see what your passions are and where your future focus lies. By completing work on The PlatForum you are building on an online resume that you will be able to share with potential employers. This will help you STAND out in an interview!

Establish Connections
Finding a good job is made easier with connections. The PlatForum teams and community is a great resource for this. Not only is it an online resume, but a way to meet people and potential employers in your field of choice.

Keep An Open Mind
Your first job may not be your dream job, but it could be a stepping stone to it. Be patient and pay attention. You may learn valuable lessons and pick up on skills that will be useful when the opportunity to land your dream job becomes available. 

Join Our Movement.
The PlatForum can prepare you for life after college just as well as any job. Make an account to begin accepting and completing tasks or even create your own e-commerce store. View a sample one here: For every task you complete, you will be rated by that employer and gain real-life experience that will make it even easier to land a job straight out of college. We want to make gaining experience easier. With The PlatForum community backing you up you’ll have the confidence you need to succeed!

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