How to build your e-commerce store

Watch this video to get started!
Ever dreamed of being a business owner, but not sure of where to start? You can become one with The PlatForum by following these easy steps! By the end of reading this, you will have your own website with your products / skills / services and have a user-friendly platform that people can purchase from.
  1. Click here to begin
  2. If you already have an account log in and skip to step #5, if not click “$ Sell on the PlatForum”

3. Next click “register”

4. Fill out the blanks with your information – you can use an email, gmail, or facebook to do so.

5. Go to the top right click manage store to choose a name, profile pic, etc. Get creative! This also provides you with a link to share your store on social media. Next start creating your store by clicking “my services”.

7. Click “Add service” to upload a new one. This is where experts can show off their skills and people can find their mentors. There are no limitations to what can be in your store! From a crash course in marketing to hosting a fitness class at your house- the opportunities are endless.

8. Fill out the field with a title, description, choose the category, and price. Follow the tips on how to make sure your store is successful below!

TIPS to create a successful store:

1. Be specific

2. Showcase hard skills I.e Asana, HubSpot, MLS, Adobe, Python

3. Be competitive with rates

4. Offer value to the community via mentorship

5. Search local FB groups to see what people want


Once you’ve followed these steps you’ll be up and running in no time! Comment below the link to your store so we can check them out. As always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!