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The Platforum is building communities through the gig-economy. We have found that everyone has marketable skills and we live in a world where it’s not easy to identify those people with the skills we need to get project based and gig work completed. At the same time the job world is changing. Industry and the economy are being fueled by careers and jobs that require new kinds of technical skills. The Platforum matches people with skills to companies looking for those skills and at the same time facilitates relationships with between the two that can easily result in life long careers and relationships. In the world of The Platforum everyone is a student, or a teacher and sometimes they’re both.


What is The Platforum?

The Platforum is a web based platform to connect those people and companies looking for someone with specific skills and vice versa. Imagine a big oil company in Texas needing someone to do a one-off java script project, or a retail giant in Arkansas needing someone with specific social media skills. The Platforum makes those connections happen to get those projects done and to cultivate mentor based relationships.  Specifically, The Platforum is the place that helps make those connections using our proprietary software.


Who can I find on The Platforum?

The Platforum is built on a community of companies, people and students. You’ll find students, Platforumers, who have highly marketable skills that might otherwise go unnoticed. For example, you may find a computer science major who is highly proficient in Java or Ruby on Rails. Perhaps they have been coding in those languages since middle school. Companies will benefit from hiring this kind of student to do their Java or Ruby projects, while that student will benefit from learning other aspects of the company’s business as a mentee, apprentice or assistant.

The Platforum makes it easy to hire one of these people through our Quick Hire tool. Read, How to determine your perfect industry assistant. 

What is a Community?

Communities are everywhere. A community can be the church you attend or the little league baseball league your kids are part of. A community can be your college or university like Texas A&M, Blinn College, UT, Baylor or any other school. A community can even be your city or town.

Here at The Platforum we’ve created several communities to start off with. Feel free to join one of those communities and as The Platforum grows you may want to create your own community.

What Kind Of Work Gets Done On The Platforum?

Companies big and small hire students and people with skills to perform shift work and project based work. This can be someone you need for a specific regular shift with a specific task in mind, or someone that you want to complete a specific project.

For example, on The Platforum you’ll find a variety of people with marketing and graphic design skills. You could utilize these people for one off branding projects, or two work a set number of hours per day on a common marketing or graphic design goal. Looking for labor intensive projects? You could hire someone on The Platforum to re-design your office or help install IT equipment.

The Platforum is designed for this shift work and project based work that often leads to long term growth and positions.

How Do I Hire Someone To Work In My Community?

First you’ll set up your profile in The Platforum. In your profile you will let The Platforum you will tell other users about yourself, what you’re looking for and even what skills you specifically have. Then you will join the communities which you are naturally a part of.

Once you’ve completed your profile you’ll decide if you’re hiring for a project or a shift. A project is one overall task you would like completed by the person you are hiring. Shift work may encompass multiple tasks in recurring work increments.

Next you’ll create a team for that specific shift or project. The longer you’re on The Platforum and the more you use it, the larger your team can be.

How Do I Pay Someone I Hired Through The Platforum?

When you sign up for your account and create your profile at you’ll be asked if you are hiring for paid projects and shift work. If the answer is “yes” you’ll be directed to a payment screen which will register your payment information with our payment processor Stripe. Stripe is one of the most respected payment processors in the world and uses top level encryption to protect your personal information.

Once the person or people you have hired through The Platforum have completed the shift or the project in The Platforum, and you’ve confirmed that via our online system, the payment that you’ve preset for this particular job will be paid. The person you hired will be paid electronically.

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