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Hi, I’m Lauren, a member of The PlatForum community!

I recently graduated from Texas A&M University and have a passion for marketing and content creation. Being a part of the Kid’s Entrepreneurship Program is important for me because I want to build kid’s confidence and help them reach their full potential.

The Kids Entrepreneurship Program (KEP), powered by The PlatForum, is a community-oriented entrepreneurship program that teaches school-aged children (in this case 6-15 years old) the fundamentals of starting a business and provides the public the opportunity to discover talents within their community.

My role
I worked hands-on with these kids, specifically in the marketing portion of the program. I got to help turn their ideas into a reality. From designing flyers to posting them at local businesses they learned why marketing is critical to a business. The PlatForum also gave them the opportunity to build an e-commerce store. View and purchase items here.

Seeing the drive in these kids made me realize that all you have to provide them with is a platform. With the help of mentors and the KEP program, these kids can gain the confidence they need in and outside of the classroom.

My favorite part of this program was the Farmer’s Market Community Pitch Event. This gave the kids a chance to pitch and sell their products. Seeing all their hard work come together was very rewarding and this taught them accountability, communication, and sales skills.

My final thoughts
It’s never too early to teach the aspects of entrepreneurship. The word can be intimidating, but the concepts are not especially when taught early on.

Put a kid in sports they will find a talent.
Put a kid in KEP they will find themselves and learn to conquer the world.

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