The Death of Soft Skills

It’s beyond time to resuscitate the training of transferable skills.

Today’s employers consider experience as the number one determining factor when selecting a candidate to hire. Why is that? What tangible skill set does experience actually provide an individual, making them less of a hiring risk?

When we breakdown the hiring formula, we discover the reality: A candidate should have at least one or more of the technical skills, relevant to the position, and reflect the top 3 soft skills relevant to the employer’s culture.

For example, if a startup company is hiring of a website developer, it is obvious that a potential candidate will need to have a technical knowledge of html or coding of some nature. In addition, because the position is at a startup, where the work environment is fast-paced and constantly fluctuating, a good candidate will be persistent, and harness great time-management, and communication skills.

When we consider this necessary experience, it becomes even more apparent that the current education system is essentially only setup to provide one-fourth of the training necessary for students to confidently navigate the future workforce. Not many classrooms are established to teach students how to fundamentally develop resourcefulness or adaptability skills.

At The PlatForum, we are working diligently to revive the awareness, training, and strengthening of soft-skills in the talent development and hiring industries. Follow us over the next couple of weeks as we release the most extinct transferable skills, and a path on how to acquire them for yourself, student, or child. Starting with the ones that used to get you in trouble as a kid: curiosity, problem solving, and, my personal favorite, creativity.