Real World Education – Meet the Future

Britney Schielack   
Oct 03
Throughout the Orlando area schools have beginning a new way to teach their students during K-12 grades. This new way of teaching has been recognized as being more of real-world education to train students to get ready for college and the workforce. Many companies have been providing funding to schools

Bring Work Back to Rural Communities

Lauren Lindemulder   
Sep 07
Generally, you hear about people wanting to escape the mundane aspect of rural life and move to the big city. However, studies are showing that more people are doing the exact opposite. With new innovations coming to rural communities more people are choosing to stay or move towards them. This is

Experience the KEP: Powered by The PlatForum

Lauren Lindemulder   
Aug 23
Hi, I’m Lauren, a member of The PlatForum community! I recently graduated from Texas A&M University and have a passion for marketing and content creation. Being a part of the Kid’s Entrepreneurship Program is important for me because I want to build kid’s confidence and help them reach their full

How To: Prepare For Your First Job After College

Lauren Lindemulder   
Aug 20
College can come with an intense amount of pressure and the daunting prospect of finding your first job doesn’t help. Whether you are a freshman in your first semester of college or a senior in your last semester, there is always something you can do to increase your chance of

How Do I Make My Idea A Reality?

Lauren Lindemulder   
Jul 12
How Do I Make My Idea A Reality? Have you ever gotten an idea for something that you just can’t shake? Like maybe there’s a new idea for a product you want to launch or maybe you dream of starting your own business. Well that’s a feeling that our team