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The PlatForum identifies the skills in the community, to provide manufacturing, distribution, and service to small businesses and entrepreneurs. We recognize the need for a more applicable education system, that closes the gap between the tech-savvy and blue-collar markets. Our innovative approach provides mentorship, industry-related work, income, and improved quality of life.

Our Mission

TPF is on a mission to empower every person toward autonomy and entrepreneurship, by creating a new infrastructure of trust, and community connection.

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From The Founders

Join The PlatForum Community

Jacob, Ocean Engineering- Class of 2017

“There are so many different opportunities at the PlatForum that you will never come into work and be bored. Through working at the PlatForum, I have been able to refine my skills as well as pick up new skills I have been wanting to learn.”

Kathleen, Computer Science- Class of 2018

“The PlatForum is a beneficial tool for any student who owns a cellphone- so all of us!with the PlatForum, I am able to fit work around my schedule using my phone and laptop.The PlatForum is the future of offices everywhere.”

Mark, Marketing Student- Class of 2019

“The PlatForum has transformed the way I am able to conduct work, make the extra money that I desire at any time, and provided me with the opportunity to gain experience in many different fields of work.”