What We Do

We Partner with Non Profits and Mission-Driven Organizations To Scale Their Mission Using our Digital Workforce Solutions.

Our Mission

The PlatForum's mission is to cultivate thriving, purpose-driven communities, that grow sustainably and recover as a unit.

E-commerce System

Create an online store using our e-commerce system to market your skills, products, and services for outside purchase. 

Enterprise System

Are you a business, non profit, or club? We can provide volunteer management, retention, and recruitment. We are more than your average management software, we provide curriculum that allows you to receive more grant funding. 

Kids Entpreneurship Program

A program we've created to teach kids the in's and out's of entrepreneurship. How to start, run, and be successful in business.

We are thrilled at the success we had in La Grange- a rural community in Texas. 

Check out the kids product in their online store.

How to Create your Online Store

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Our Partners

Here are some of the companies using The PlatForum.

campus homes powered by TPF smaller

Campus Homes

A student housing company in College Station, TX.

The PlatForum functions as an amenity for their properties. 

We provide work to students allowing them to make extra money and gain experience. 

We connect them with valuable job opportunities while still in school.

cowork logo powered by tpf black

Cowork Fayette County

Cowork Fayette County is a pilot with Rural on Purpose to provide coworking opportunity to Fayette County, a rural community in Texas. 

The PlatForum enterprise system allows them to create and manage teams and communities.

They can build a profile by adding their skill set, tools, create tasks, and collaborate all in one spot.

V2E logo

Visions to Excellence

Visions to Excellence is a premier Business Consulting firm with branches in Dallas, TX and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Visions to Excellence has hired individuals through The PlatForum to help with their marketing. 

From social media to landing pages The PlatForum team is helping drive traffic to Visions to Excellence.

The PlatForum Press

"We had the opportunity to talk to Britney Schielack, co-founder of local startup company The PlatForum, to discuss their vision for the BCS job market, their mission to make each student shine based on their own skills and the recognition their project recently received in Silicon Valley."

"Brandon and Britney Schielack are an unstoppable husband and wife duo that are taking the gig economy to the next level. With a background in real estate and entrepreneurship, they’re using their expertise to launch The PlatForum."

User Testimonials

Jacob, Ocean Engineering- Class of 2017

"There are so many different opportunities at the PlatForum that you will never come into work and be bored. Through working at the PlatForum, I have been able to refine my skills as well as pick up new skills I have been wanting to learn."

Kathleen, Computer Science- Class of 2018

"The PlatForum is a beneficial tool for any student who owns a cellphone- so all of us!with the PlatForum, I am able to fit work around my schedule using my phone and laptop.The PlatForum is the future of offices everywhere."

Mark, Marketing Student- Class of 2019

"The PlatForum has transformed the way I am able to conduct work, make the extra money that I desire at any time, and provided me with the opportunity to gain experience in many different fields of work."

Partner Testimonials

Samantha, LaGrange, TX.

"The PlatForum is a great tool to find your next hire, whether you need a quick graphic design or a full-time team member, The PlatForum can find them."

Lauren, College Station, TX

"Finding local talent has never been easier"

Bill, Redwood City, CA

"The perfect tool for any community developer, business, or entrepreneur. The Future of work."

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